About us

FC Gruppen

FC Gruppen is a family company based in Jönköping, active within catering, event, conferences and restaurants. We started in 1993 with a thought of serving the guest with everything from cheese rolls to complete concepts. FC Gruppen is one of Swedens biggest catering firms and completes about 4000 jobs each year, covering everything from breakfast sandwiches to lunches and big banquets.

We’re based in Jönköping where we operate seven plants and FC Event, FC Production and FC Bryggeri.
We’re a full covering partner for catering and events. We are FC Gruppen.


FC Gruppen has a total of about 50 full time employees in the companies. We work as chefs, dish washers, cashiers, waiters, bartenders, drivers, salesmen, economy and project leaders. Besides our full time employees we use a lot of additional staff and at total we have about 25o persons in the company each year.


We work actively each year to reduce our impact on the environment. On all of our restaurants and our conference center we sort all waste and make sure its recycled or becomes propellant.

Even if we are a little company we see the work for each other in the world as an important point. We sponsor a little girl in Sudan and a boy in Nepal. Each year we sponsor a projekt for exposed children.