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Please read our terms and conditions before placing your request.

We need your order no later than 5 working days before the order’s execution. You also have the opportunity, when available, to order a smaller number of items 60 minutes before delivery *.

*At trade fairs that are not arranged at Elmia, we find it difficult for logistical reasons  to guarantee specific delivery time, but do everything we can to get as close to the set time as possible. For example at Elmia Wood etc.

No, it is free to order. 

We need your cancellation no later than 3 working days before delivery. In case of cancellation later than 3 working days before delivery, full price will be charged.

For ordering electricity, we refer to the seller at Elmia you have been in contact with.

You can return unopened whole packages.

If you have any questions/want to make a delivery during the fair, please contact us: [email protected]

Invoice is sent after completed order.

Step 1       You order alcohol from FC Gruppen. 

Step 2      We deliver the alcohol to your stand at a specific time and date. 

Step 3      In the standthere must be a person from the company who ”works for FC Gruppen” and is responsible for serving during the mingle. 

Step 4.      FC Gruppen checks the stand during serving at regular intervals to  see that the conditions are met. 

Step 5      After the mingle is over, FC Gruppen picks up empty glasses and any  alcohol that has not been consumed. 

Step 6     We calculate and invoice the amount of alcohol consumed. 


The responsible person have to meet the following requirements: 


  • Aged 20 years 

  • Be present at the serving place throughout the serving time. 

  • Be sober and drug free during serving 

  • Serve and open the drink 

  • Make sure that the visitor does not leave the stand with alcoholic beverages. 

  • Note how much alcohol has been consumed 


This applies to maximum 50 people. 
With more than 50 people, FC Gruppen requires the hiring of serving staff. 
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